Model Portfolios

Investment professionals and individual investors often a simple, straightforward way to take advantage of Channel Trend’s work. For those people, we have created model portfolios. The investor simply invests in accordance with the model.
The stocks in our Model Portfolios are chosen based on their Price Projector rankings. These portfolios are intended for investors who have substantial net worth and/or investment expertise. They are updated weekly, and the subscribing investor must be prepared to make the changes shown promptly in order to get their benefit.

Channel Trend can create model stock portfolios for clients. Generally speaking these portfolios are comprised of Price-Projector-top-ranked stocks (all-long) or top and bottom-ranked stocks (long-short). The universe of stocks can be domestic or international. 

As an example, consider a portfolio comprised of the thirty top-ranked stocks, equally-weighted, from a universe of approximately 1650 stocks representing the vast majority of American market capitalization, without regard to sector or industry concentration. That portfolio had a 77.4% gain in 2013, compared to the 32.4% gain for the S&P 500.

Channel Trend is prepared to offer its output in the form of indices that can be used by portfolio managers and issuers of ’40 Act funds, such as ETFs.